p.c. Dixie Parden.

BabySkinGlove is the collective energy born from the mindscape of creative director Bailey Nolan. Consisting of a dozen artists across the East Coast, productions are avant garde interpretations of historical moments with an emphasis on contemporary issues including gender, feminism, sexual politics, and the dawn of the world wide web. BabySkinGlove aims to remove an audience from their true location and transport them to a psychic place, leaving each voyeur with a different, unique, and decidedly inspirational experience. With over one hundred performances in the span of five years, BabySkinGlove has covered a scope of history ranging from the Jurassic Period to the late oughts Recession. These productions have taken the form of classic stage shows, performance installations, tours, guerilla performances, gallery exhibitions, private appearances, powerpoints, and video. Additionally under Nolan's artistic direction, BabySkinGlove creates photo essays of monumental proportion alongside daughter-wife Gynnifuur.com. BabySkinGlove collaborates with accomplished artists including Ryan Trecartin, Lizzie Fitch, Ojay Morgan/Zebra Katz, Ann Liv Young, Gelitin, Vanessa Beecroft, Amanda Lepore, James Franco, Viva BODYroll, and the Kardashians.