Pinchot / Creative Sugar Magazine / 3-22-2013
"The art of producing from the forest
whatever it can yield for the service of womyn."

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Death Pussy / A Private Performance / 1-9-2010
Free Williamsburg


I thought you were being poetic when you said pool and metaphoric when you said limo. But here we are and this is so beautiful.

-Ryan Trecartin, Artist

You're giving me an erection!

-Jerry Saltz, Critic

The best thing to hit the queer community since Cher.

-Time Out NY

OK so let's talk a little bit about Why Living In New York Is Sometimes Worth It. I am proud and lucky enough to have been able to perform with and witness the genius of a new NYC-based all-female performance troupe, named BabySkinGlove. They do these sort of Bacchanalia-inspired performances incorporating dance, theater, music, puppetry, violence, gymnastics, you name it. Every time I See them I am continually impressed and inspired. I feel like a total Aunty Billy but I feel like they're one of those things that could only exist in NYC. If you ever get the chance to see them-- run, don't walk. I (obviously) find them intriguing and mysterious and compelling, and look forward to spreading the gospel shortly. Best thing to happen to performance art in New York. Truth.

-Max Steele, Artist

Your show sort of reminded me of Two Girls, One Cup.

-Ojay Morgan/Zebrakatz

Chastity is curable, but only if detected early. Luckily there's BabySkinGlove, devoted to the early detection of chastity, skilled at finding the right cure for you and, if chastity has not yet occurred, will act as an effective means of prevention. Lastly, if you should ever find yourself in need of some extra help the morning as a result of the foolish and irresponsible actions of the previous night, BabySkinGlove is the solution. She will ensure your following night is filled with so much alcohol, sex, love, debauchery, and drugs that there is no way in hell that baby in question is alive.

-Isabella Alston Jost, Michael Jackson's Former Assistant

BSG tastes like a rim job on a fine China plate coated with the sweat of history.

-Casey Rocheteau representing Hampshire College

BabySkinGlove is like spit in your fist just when u thought you'd run outta lube.

-Robert Smith, Porn Star

You're intellectual mediorcrity.

-Greene Naftali Gallery, NYC

I wanna swallow them whole and let them roll around in my body for a couple of days all indigestible and shit.

-Glasslands Gallery, NYC

We feel wonderfully absurd about their future.

-Home Sweet Home, NYC


"They make we want to fuck my mom."

"This is either the most intricately planned or the least intricately planned performance I've ever seen."

"I have seen many performances in my lifetime. Some have made me laugh. Some have brought me to tears. But never in my life have I ever cried and laughed at the same time. This was my reaction to LORETTA Y JOHN: A LOVE STORY. Let me retell my story of the night of the puppetry art. I was alone in my Boston apartment watching one of my favorite flicks. Suddenly monsoon winds swept through my apartment. I was frightened for a moment until I realized that I was not in the midst of a hurricane, but instead something beautiful, the residual affects of something magnanimous coming from the big apple. That's correct, I was actually three hundred miles from the live performance, in yet I was moved to state of euphoric awe through the wake of its power. I can only imagine what the witnesses at the actual show must have gone through. I imagine it must have been similar to that of Indiana Jones when the antagonists gazed on the eyes of God and their faces melted off because the sight was too much for our fragile little minds to grasp fully. I thank thee creative team of one for bringing into existence something as great as this show. Surely now the apocalypse can come and humanity can greet the horsemen with a smile and some tea. I look forward to the next BabySkinGlove performance and am auctioning off my house and body to the highest bidders to assure that I have sufficient funds to procure tickets to the next performance."

-Colin Nolan, Top Scientist

"I need to lie down."